sherri.BMP (3944742 bytes)Sherri Gregory, President and CEO

Sherri Gregory is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Counterpoise Consulting, Inc. and is a registered and active member of the Delaware Tribe of Indians. Ms. Gregory's experience includes working with federal and state governments and national companies.  Focusing on her facilitation, mediation, training and conference coordination skills, she also has experience in telecommunications, security issues and records management. 

Ms. Gregoryis a certified facilitator/mediator and has facilitated government, corporate, public and Tribal Council meetings. Her experience includes; State of Wyoming Governor's "Kitchen Table" meetings (natural resource issues), Water Basin Planning, Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Compensation and Recreation Land Use issues.

She has been the conference coordinator for several international and nationally recognized companies which include a Fortune 50 company.  Ms. Gregory produced an advertising campaign that was used internationally and nationally. 

Ms. Gregory established criteria needed for bid negotiation and selection of a contractor for telecommunication services for the State of Wyoming. Using her skills as an independent audit inspector, she is able to provide clients with cost savings objectives.  

Ms. Gregory helped implement and training Wyoming state employees with the networked security system.  This involved training all employees on the workings of the security system and use of programmed cards.  This was done in both individual and group settings.   

Ms. Gregory is an "on-call" Public Information Officer liaison for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As the project manager of the 1999 Wyoming Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) Agency Contingency Report, Gregory put together a plan to be used in  case of disaster.  

Ms. Gregory is an active member of the Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training.



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