Corporate Overview

Counterpoise Consulting, Inc. is pleased to present the attached statement of qualifications.  Counterpoise is dedicated to the principles of human resource training, quality facilitation, conference/event coordination, and computer consulting.  Counterpoise is noted for its attention to detail, professionalism, strategic thinking and follow-through to a diverse clientele.

Founded in 1996, Counterpoise Consulting, Inc. is a Native American, 100% woman-owned and managed corporation.   Counterpoise is 8a/SDB  and DBE certified and registered through ProNet and Central Contractor Registration (CCR) .

The company provides full-services to a wide variety of clients, among them, a Fortune 50 company, corporate and non-corporate entities, Native American Councils, federal, state and local governments, Indian Health Service and members of the development community thorughout the United States.  Our clients recognize our commitment to meeting their needs, providing excellent follow-up and obtaining results.  Owner Sherri Gregory along with her consultants work closely with clients throughout the implementation of a project, ensuring that it is not only well thought out, but completed on time and within budget constraints. 

Counterpoise Consulting's staff have been trained and certified for facilitation and mediation through the US Department of the Interior; National Emergency Training Center, Maryland; Wyoming State Bar Association; Cheyenne Mediation Services; University of Wyoming; and Preston University.  Our expertise on every project is personifed through our past performance of successfully completed projects.  This expertise is best exemplified by being listed on Exxon Company USA's "preferred provider's list" and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) "on call" list for nationwide, state or local disasters.  Specializing in meeting facilitation, training, conference/event coordination & computer consulting, Counterpoise also offers expertise in crisis communications and research.


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